Our Story

Artisan Enclave is a community stemmed from the creator Lachlan Baird. Raised and supported by artist parents, John & Amanda Baird, Lachlan has found a life long passion for the Art & Creative Industry. With time around multiple exhibitions from an early age, Lachie really understands both how the industry works, and also the importance of the creator in this industry, and how they have been represented in the past.

with a vision for the future that helps promote young & emerging artists, in an overwhelmed world of imagery, Lachie hopes to grow the enclave, into a thriving community of artists and hand crafters, helping them grow in notoriety, sell their product efficiently and even form collaborations and projects that hold up the importance and value of local Australian independent artists and manufacturers.

The Enclave aim to bring you high quality, affordable art, ceramics, jewellery, fashion, gifts and more. Alongside both group 7 solo exhibitions for our artists, physical market stores, and an enclave of artisans that celebrate the importance of independence and small business.

This is just the beginning, WELCOME TO THE ENCLAVE