Collection: Amanda Proctor

Working in a mixed media format of Illustrative Watercolour, Acrylics and a Collage of Recycled Materials, Amanda illudes a sense of importance for ecology and the environment, giving the viewer an aesthetic in which ones eyes can find a new world every time it is viewed.

Amanda uses collage and applique with both an Illustrative and surreal approach, to describe her imagined world, often underwater or in a natural space, with a dream like aspect that brings colour and vibrance to a space.

Amanda has a degree in Fine Art from Mosh University, LaTrobe. With over 50 years of experience in Illustrative works, Fabric Design and commissioned Murals, Proctor has developed a certain talent that should be admired by all. 

Amanda has mural works in local communities, and has works held in Private Collections worldwide.

------- Proifle Drawing by Kate Wilkins, Charcoal on Paper. Circa 2020 ------